CPI is a leading technology solutions provider to state, federal and international criminal justice institutions, delivering critical information for first responders and many who support them. We pride ourselves on the quality, in-house development and industry expertise that has allowed us to serve this industry for over 30 years. The need to grow our talented engineering teams continues as CPI’s solutions are trusted by more customers and we look forward to finding out more about you and if your skills and background are a good fit.

CPI is seeking a Software Engineer with 3-4 years of experience designing, developing and maintaining Client/Server and Web Applications. The successful candidate will be a self-directed problem solver with GUI development experience and software development knowledge through a full product life cycle.

Specific technical skills that we are looking for in this role include:

● Proficient in developing Java-based front-end applications.

● Proficient in developing Web applications using web frameworks such as Angular and Spring.

● Experience with web technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and browser developer tools for debugging.

● Experience with HTML, XML, and JSON

● Knowledge of JDBC, SQL, PL/SQL, T/SQL

● Familiarity in Git or other version control systems to manage and collaborate on source code changes.

● Familiarity with different operating systems (i.e Windows, Linux, macOS)

● Knowledge of test automation frameworks such as Selenium, Cypress, JUnit, TestNG, or similar tools/frameworks depending on the application type (web, mobile, API) a plus.

● Understanding CI/CD pipelines and some experience with tools for automated builds, testing, and deployment a plus.

● Familiarity with test management tools such as JIRA, QMetry for test case management and defect tracking a plus.

● Knowledge of Docker for containerization and virtualization a plus

In addition to these technical skills, the way that we work and the approach that our co-workers take to the job is extremely important. We are looking for:

A desire to contribute to the overall success of the team – Teamwork
The ability to quickly learn skills and adapt to changing situations – Aptitude Confidence in technical skills – Experience

CPI is an equal opportunity employer. Any employee of CPI must be able to pass our clients’ state and federal background requirements. CPI does not currently sponsor H1-B applications.