CPI & Kansas Bureau of Investigation implement Web Service Interface to Nlets

Kansas Bureau of Investigation and CPI OpenFox logos

CPI recently cut to Production a new receiver web service to Nlets for the Kansas Bureau of Investigations (KBI) OpenFox Message Switch.  

This cutover actually encompasses two projects in one.   The first was the conversion of the NLETS dual socket interface, and associated driver, to the new NLETS Web Services interface and associated driver. Messages from the KBI OpenFox Switch originate via the WS Client interface connected to station NLET. These messages are consumed by the Nlets WS Receiver. Receipt of the message by Nlets is confirmed. Likewise, messages from Nlets are consumed by the Nlets WS Client and forwarded to station NLET for processing by the KBI OpenFox Switch. 

The second was the upgrade of the OpenFox Archive product from Version 2 to Version 3. The OpenFox® Archive Retrieval System allows users to store, retrieve and display message traffic processed through the OpenFox® Message Switch.