Idaho State Police Adds Blue Alerts to OpenFox Message Switch

Boise, ID with state Capitol

CPI OpenFox has configured the Idaho State Police (ISP) Message Switch to automate Blue Alerts to the public in the event of serious violence against law enforcement. A Blue Alert is an emergency alert issued by local law enforcement to speed the apprehension of violent criminals who kill or seriously injure law enforcement officers and to aid in the location of missing law enforcement officers.

This alert will utilize the existing Computer Projects of Illinois (CPI) Interceptor product to catch Blue Alerts and automate the distribution of those alerts.

CPI engineering teams modified specific ‘entry’ and ‘modify’ forms to have additional fields and logic to request a Blue Alert. CPI modified the OpenFox Message Switch to create a formatted message based on specific form fields and then queue the message for email delivery by configuring an additional email station on the existing email interface that is currently used for Amber Alerts.

More about the OpenFox Message Switch: 

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