CPI prides itself in outstanding customer services, technical support second to none, and rapid system development are three of the many reasons our clients refer new business to us again and again.

But don't take our word for it...


From Hawaii to Maine - Satisfied Clients Say it All

Jim Lynn, CIO Colorado Public Safety said:

"CPI is our partner. It feels like a family relationship. They don't always tell us what we want to hear. Instead we lean on them for their expertise and work through problems together"
Bruce Parizo, Deputy Director Vermont Department of Public Safety said:

“CPI listens to its customers. They gear their products and development toward what customers need."
Delton Tipton, Manager South Dakota Law Enforcement Telecommunications System said:

“As technology changes, like how we’re starting to move things to XML, CPI is on top of all of the requirements."
Jon Carmin, Sgt. Indiana State Police said:

“We’re happy with the product and the improvements that have been made, which are in large part based on our requests and those of the entire user community.”
Jerry Wallace, OPS Tech U State of New Hampshire said:

“CPI monitors all systems and anticipate problems before they happen.”
Jeff Bentley, Criminal Justice Information System Compliance Supervisor Kentucky State Police said:

“CPI is very good at timely communications. Often times they even initiate communications, letting me know about something that needs attention or that I should be aware of prior to me even having knowledge of it. They make recommendations on how to address those issues and moves very quickly to solve it.”
Mike Nations, Senior System Administrator, MS Department of Public Safety said:

“I’ve never experienced this level of support before. And I’ve been doing this for 35 years.”
State or Territory Agency
Alabama Alabama Criminal Justice Information Center
Arizona Arizona Department of Public Safety 
Arkansas Arkansas Crime Information Center
Colorado Colorado Department of Public Safety
Hawaii Hawaii Criminal Justice Data Center
Idaho Idaho State Police
Illinois  Illinois State Police
Indiana Indiana State Police
Iowa Iowa Department of Public Safety
Kansas Kansas Bureau of Investigation
Kentucky Kentucky State Police
Maine Maine State Police
Maryland Maryland Department of Public Safety
Massachusetts Massachusetts Criminal History Systems Board Criminal Justice Information Services
Michigan Michigan State Police
Mississippi Mississippi Justice Information Center
Montana Montana Department of Justice
New Hampshire New Hampshire State Police
New Jersey  
New Mexico New Mexico Dept. of Public Safety
New York  
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North Dakota North Dakota Department of Emergency Services
Ohio Ohio State Highway Patrol
Oklahoma Oklahoma Department of Public Safety
Rhode Island Rhode Island State Police
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South Dakota South Dakota Law Enforcement Telecommunications System
Texas Texas Department of Public Safety
Vermont Vermont Department of Public Safety
Virginia Virginia State Police
Virgin Island  
West Virginia West Virginia State Police
Wisconsin Wisconsin Bureau of Criminal Investigation
Wyoming Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation