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Fast, Reliable, and Complete Information About Offenders Living in the Community

As a public official responsible for the supervision and management of correctional programs, CPI’s OpenFox® system provides your agency and constituents with many benefits including:

  • Ensures secure transmission of valuable information allowing officers to track criminals and monitor criminal activity.
  • Provides standardized information so users are not wasting valuable time on translating information across different sources.
  • Eliminates the time and cost-consuming process of conducting multiple queries against various data sources.
  • Delivers heightened safety and security for law enforcement officers and the public

In Depth: Corrections

John Smith, a sex offender out on parole, is required to meet with his correctional officer once a week and appear in court at the end of the month. This officer also is keeping track of ten other offenders and meets with them regularly. Smith decides to leave and drive to a neighboring state where he is arrested for drunk driving after leaving a bar. Unable to make bail, Smith spends several nights in jail. Smith misses his court date and his correctional officer has no idea of Smith’s whereabouts until he receives a phone call from the neighboring state’s police department.

In order to protect the public, parole officers need to obtain valuable and timely information regarding offenders who have been released into community-based supervision programs. The ability to share information across agencies and organizations not only enhances public safety, but increases productivity, provides critical indicators, and assists in making informed decisions that prevent crime. It is critical to have a flexible system that constantly updates information and makes this information available within seconds. Information is frequently transmitted from one state to another state, but too frequently information from the other state is difficult to interpret or lost.

As the leading developer of information broker systems for law enforcement, nobody understands the importance of the reliable flow of information better than CPI. Our OpenFox® system provides access to information that is open to state and local justice disciplines - law enforcement, prosecuting attorneys, courts, and corrections. With our message switch-based system, you get the most comprehensive and robust technology platform for reliable information sharing.

CPI has leveraged the national data exchange standards developed by the Department of Justice’s Global Justice Information Sharing Initiative (Global) and extends the Global Justice XML Data Model (Global JXDM) to facilitate timely, secure information sharing across the whole corrections enterprise - justice, public safety, intelligence, homeland security, and emergency and disaster management.

The OpenFox® System Information Broker Product Suite includes: