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The Ability to Reliably Share Information Quickly Can Prevent Dangerous Situations

As a public official responsible for criminal justice-related concerns, CPI’s OpenFox® system provides your agency and constituents with many benefits, including:

  • Allows the seamless sharing of information at critical decision points throughout the justice system.
  • Maintains an extensive network with uninhibited access to almost every state and federal agency as well as select international agencies.
  • Provides standardized information so users are not wasting valuable time on translating across different sources.
  • Delivers heightened safety and security for law enforcement officers and the public

In Depth: Criminal Justice

Law enforcement officers had arrested a 25-year-old graduate student on an expired student visa charge. However, when the student was brought to court, court officers were unaware that the student was wanted for suspicion of terrorist acts. The visa issue was resolved and the student was released. When the terrorist charge was brought to light, the student had already made it across five states and almost into Canada with a bag full of supplies that could potentially have been used to make small bombs.

Reliable information-sharing between agencies and organizations has the potential to save lives. Often vital information arrives far too late to be of any immediate value to the proper authorities. If there is an apparent threat, authorities must act right then, they do not have the luxury of waiting. It is critical to have a flexible system that constantly updates information and makes this information available within seconds. Information is frequently transmitted from one state to another state, but too frequently information from the other state difficult is to interpret.

As the leading developer of information broker systems for law enforcement, nobody understands the importance of the reliable flow of information better than CPI. Our OpenFox® Information Broker Message Switching system provides access to information for criminal justice, Homeland Security, and law enforcement - both nationally and internationally. The OpenFox™ suite of products adheres to national standards for all disciplines of criminal justice integration data exchanges. With our message switch-based system, you get the most comprehensive and robust technology platform for reliable information sharing.

National Standards Supported by the OpenFox® System Include:

The Justice Information Exchange Model (JIEM)

The National Information Exchange Model (NIEM)
(a partnership of the U.S. Department of Justice and the Department of Homeland Security)

Global Justice Information Sharing Initiative (Global)/Office of Justice Programs (OJP)

The OpenFox® System Information Broker Product Suite Includes: