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Officers on the Front Line Obtain Complete Motor Vehicle-Related Information Quickly to Protect Themselves and Increase Public Safety

As a public official responsible for motor vehicle-related concerns, CPI’s OpenFox® system provides your agency and constituents with many benefits, including:

  • Gives law enforcement and criminal justice personnel the ability to obtain all available information from individual drivers’ license applications within seconds.
  • Provides standardized information so users are not wasting valuable time on translating information across different sources. Facilitates the efficient exchange of driver license photos with various agencies, including all-important fully compliant GJXDM drivers’ license responses.
  • Delivers heightened safety and security for law enforcement officers and the public.

In Depth: Motor Vehicles

A police officer working alone pulls over a driver for speeding during a routine traffic stop. Before the officer steps out of the car, he runs the license plate, receives the car owner’s information and then runs a wanted person check. The check comes back positive and states that the owner is dangerous and is known to carry a firearm. In this case, the officer’s vehicle acts as a defense perimeter warning the officer to proceed with caution providing officer and public safety.

In the fast-paced environment we live in, timing and efficiency are everything. For law enforcement personnel it is critical to have a flexible system that constantly updates information and makes this information available within seconds. Information is frequently transmitted from one state to another state, but too frequently information from the other state is difficult to interpret or lost.

CPI is the leading developer of information broker systems for law enforcement, nobody understands the importance of the reliable flow of information better than CPI. Our OpenFox® system is the best conduit to access state repository information for motor vehicle and drivers’ license information needed by criminal justice, homeland security, and law enforcement both nationally and internationally. With our OpenFox® Information Broker Message Switching System, you get the most comprehensive and robust technology platform for reliable information sharing.

The OpenFox® System Information Broker Product Suite Includes: