National Standards

National Standards


National Standards


From GJXDM to NIEM, the Openfox® products from Computer Products of Illinois participate in national standards disciplines. National Standards are used to enhance the uniformity of information in the law enforcement and criminal justice community providing immediate access to timely, accurate and complete information that is critical for public safety.

OpenFox® Message Switching System Information Broker

The cornerstone of CPI technology is the OpenFox® Message Switching System Information Broker. This software provides the business rules for editing, parsing, transformation, routing and delivery of the data to the appropriate destination as well as logging and auditing the messages and events. In terms of data transformation, this service will transform data received from the service providers (interfaces) in NIEM or GJXDM to presentation format for reception at the destination software or text format for delivery to a legacy device or interface agency. Our architecture/design provides high system availability with a focus on continuity of operations. This integration architecture of disparate data using industry standard methods such as NIEM or GJXDM provides a level of integration which also allows CPI customers to be more responsive to changes in statute, policy, and business demands.

Transformation Services and Support

The OpenFox® Message Switching System Information Broker provides transformation services and support. For example, a text based inquiry is transformed to GJXDM or NIEM compliant format before being delivered to the endpoint. The OpenFox® Message Switching System Information Broker will support many web services and XML interfaces using this ability to transform messages from one form of XML to another or into text for presentation through the use of customizable style sheets.

XML Support

The OpenFox® Message Switching System Information Broker supports XML in many different forms. For example, many of the current OpenFox® systems utilize a basic form of XML for message formats between the workstations and the message switching system. This is true of the installations in Wyoming, Maryland, Indiana, Ohio, Montana, Kentucky, Alabama, Hawaii, Iowa, Virginia, West Virginia, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, etc. In several of these installations the OpenFox® also supports GJXDM AAMVA standard message formats to certain agencies such as Courts or DMV systems. In these instances the OpenFox® system transforms the messages from some device in text format and other in basic XML to GJXDM AAMVA standards in order to interface to the agencies that support these standards. The OpenFox® system provides this capability through the use of style sheet processing. The system provides the capability to create and utilize style sheets and apply them to message transactions to transform from one form of XML to another. The OpenFox® Message Key Configurator allows a properly authorized system administrator to apply a style sheet to a message transaction to accomplish message transformations.