Computer Projects of Illinois has entered into a contract to provide Integrated Justice Services to the State of New Hampshire

Computer Projects of Illinois (CPI) has entered into a contract to provide the State of New Hampshire Integrated Justice Services to the states law enforcement agencies, courts, corrections and criminal justice agencies as part of the New Hampshire J-ONE (Justice - One Network Environment) integrated justice project.

J-ONE will leverage the existing State Police On-Line Telecommunications System (SPOTS) infrastructure which includes the OpenFox® Enterprise Information Broker, Messenger Workstation Software, Hotfile Application and Utility, and Criminal History Records Application along with the state’s high speed telecommunication network.

These combined elements will be used to allow for the electronic exchange and dissemination of arrests, bench warrants, criminal dispositions, and inmate releases to and from dispirit criminal justice systems.

Utilizing web services, where, appropriate, CPI provided OpenFox® Enterprise Information Broker will make use of national standards and justice exchanges using the Global Justice XML Data Model (Global JXDM) and National Information Exchange Model (NIEM) as the preferred method, however, some legacy exchanges will also be utilized to lessen the impact on local law enforcement/criminal justice agencies.

The project will include:

1. Upgrades to the OpenFox® products

a. Enterprise Information Broker

b. Hotfile Application

c. Criminal History Records Application

d. All hardware platforms

2. New Sex Offender Registry Application

3. Project 54 MDT Data for Archive and Retrieval

To find out more about this project or what Computer Projects of Illinois (CPI) can provide for your law enforcement/criminal justice initiatives, contact:

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