Computer Projects of Illinois Deploys Criminal History Application Replacement System for Kentucky State Police




Computer Projects of Illinois (CPI) deploys Criminal History Application (CHA) Replacement system for Kentucky State Police (KSP). The system was successfully installed and operational on Monday, September 27th. The system replaced was installed by SAIC about 6 or 7 years ago. The on-site team consisted of; Director of Clients Services, Database Development Group, and the GUI Development Group. KSP and their users state they are ecstatic with the new Criminal History Application and at the time of cutover there are very few reported problems. Computer Projects of Illinois is very proud of the dedication and effort that the entire CPI staff brings to the table in providing customer satisfaction!

Did you know that the OpenFox® Criminal History Application is now installed and running in New Hampshire, Rhode Island, West Virginia, Iowa, Alabama, Colorado and Kentucky. Since many criminal history applications are "home grown" CPI believes that we are the number one supplier of Criminal History systems in the nation! In addition, the application is under development for Missouri and we will soon be replacing the New Hampshire system with the latest version.

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