CPI Implements Web Access for Missouri Open Record Background Checks

On February 7th, 2011 the Missouri State Highway Patrol (MSHP) launched the Missouri Automated Criminal History Site (MACHS). Working in partnership with MSHP, Computer Projects of Illinois, Inc. designed, developed and implemented the web application and supporting database to serve the needs of distinct consumer groups; the general public, state and local agencies as well as commercial accounts.

In the MSHP press release, Colonel Ron Replogle, MSHP Superintendent, commented that “this is another example of the Patrol using technology to more efficiently and conveniently serve the public.” The press release also goes on to add, “Previously, record check requests that were mailed to MSHP took two to four weeks to process… now the requests are being processed in a matter of seconds.”

The secure web application provides a real-time alternative to a labor, paper and postage intensive operation. The site provides a series of user friendly screens for accessing the search, payment, and results of criminal history record searches. Public accounts are pay-as-you go utilizing the state’s payment portal. Agency and commercial accounts can be billed monthly. An OpenFox® Gateway / Message Switch brokers transactions between the web application and database servers through the legacy Missouri MULES Message Switch, and Computerized Criminal History database. The functionality is hosted on Microsoft Windows Server 2008, SQL Server 2008 Relational Database, and Apache web server and application server technology.

Since opening for business on February 7th there have been hundreds of user accounts, both agency and public types, created and thousands of searches submitted and processed. User reaction, feedback and performance of the functionality has been consistent and excellent.

This is the first in a series of functionalities to go into production resulting from competitive bids won by CPI. The following products from the CPI OpenFox® Suite will be implemented:

• OpenFox® CHA (Criminal History Application) – a full replacement of the current MSHP CCH system with attendant Desktop client software

• OpenFox® Message Switch – a full replacement for the current MULES system

• OpenFox® HotFiles – a full replacement of current functionality including State specific and NCIC Mirror files

• OpenFox® Archive & Retrieval for storing, retrieving and displaying all message transactions

• OpenFox® Validations – online validations for NCIC and State specific files as well as NCIC

• OpenFox® Messenger – a statewide implementation

Next Up: The expansion of the OpenFox® Gateway to include support for both the MDT and CAD systems purchased by the MSHP will be the next major functionality to be placed into production.

More to follow…

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