OpenFox® Messenger Enhancement For Severe Weather Notifications

CPI has just developed an enhancement to OpenFox® Messenger that will notify users when severe weather announcements are delivered to their terminals. This enhancement was built at the request of the state of Arkansas. The enhancement currently supports messages from the National Weather Service delivered to the message switch via Nlets.

The enhancement will require customized changes to your Messenger system.

Messenger will classify the message as a severe weather message if the following conditions are all true:

1) The message's source is NLETS

2) The message's MKE is AM

3) The message's text contains the line "NATIONAL WEATHER SERVICE"

4) The message's text contains any of the following words "WARNING", "SEVERE", "TORNADO", "WATCH", "URGENT", or "HAZARDOUS"

If these conditions are met, Messenger will color the message in purple, use a special icon for the message, and will play a "tornado siren" style sound.

Please contact the CPI help desk to start the process of adding this enhancement to your system.

CPI Helpdesk

(866) 471-6305

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