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Computer Projects of Illinois, Inc. (CPI), a leader in information-sharing software systems for the law enforcement and criminal justice community, is pleased to announce that on March 29, 2011 the Missouri State Highway Patrol (MSHP) became the 27th state to deploy the OpenFox® Message Switch Information Broker as a principle component of their statewide law enforcement and criminal justice information framework. The success of this project can be attributed to a close working relationship with MSHP, CPI’s understanding of the complexities of criminal justice information systems, and CPI’s experience in delivering solutions that incorporate the technology of today to meet the needs of the client tomorrow.

The Missouri Criminal Justice Modernization Project involves the replacement of multiple legacy systems. Working with MSHP, CPI developed a phased implementation approach to incrementally replace information systems. Phase I integrated CPI’s OpenFox® Message Switch Information Broker into the MSHP production environment as a transaction broker between the legacy Missouri Uniform Law Enforcement System and MSHP’s new Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) and Mobile In-Car computer systems.

Replacing the legacy desktop 3270 terminals, commonly referred to as ‘green screens,’ will begin in July 2011 with the installation of the OpenFox® Messenger Desktop Client. In preparation for statewide deployment, several pilot agencies have installed the OpenFox® Messenger Desktop Client, used for accessing law enforcement and criminal justice information.

Over the next few months, the National Crime Information Center and the National Law Enforcement Telecommunication System interfaces will transition to the OpenFox® Message Switch, as will the interfaces to Missouri state agency databases such as the Department of Corrections, Department of Revenue and local agency Computer Aided Dispatch and Record Management systems. During this latter phase, CPI and MSHP will deploy SQL databases for the replacement of the legacy DB2 MSHP Hot Files (Wanted/Missing Persons, Stolen Vehicles and Stolen Articles), as well as the current Criminal History databases. The system is operating in a Microsoft Windows 2008 Enterprise Server environment using Microsoft SQL Server.

About Computer Projects of Illinois, Inc.

Computer Projects of Illinois, Inc. (CPI), with its headquarters in Bolingbrook, IL, is the proven leading provider of information sharing software systems that safeguard the public and the officers sworn to protect it. CPI is unique in its core focus on the law enforcement and criminal justice community as exemplified by the fact that the company services over one half of the law enforcement users within the United States. CPI has earned its leadership position through the success of its OpenFox® information sharing system, the most popular "information broker" system of its kind. CPI maintains its leading position through rapid system development and implementation, dedicated technical support and outstanding customer service. CPI's market leading OpenFox® Product Suite is comprised of the OpenFox® Message Switching System, OpenFox® Desktop Client Software, OpenFox® HotFiles, OpenFox® On-Line Validations, OpenFox® Archive & Retrieval, OpenFox® Sex Offender Registry and OpenFox® Criminal History System.