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Idaho's Sex Offender Website, provided by CPI, Moves up in National Ranking to #4

Idaho Sex Offenders website offers four main searches: registrant name, city, county, zip code, or by a map within a specified radius of an address. Search adults or juveniles within each type. A quick search is available for Violent Sexual Predators, non-compliant offenders and quarterly non-compliant offenders.
The results list includes a photo, name (link to profile), birth date, address, city, county, zip, status, map link and Violent Sexual Predator designation.

The map key includes both a radius key with corresponding colored circles on the map and an icon key for your search location, adult sex offenders found within the area, and juvenile offenders in the area.

Idaho has revamped their registry and offers one of the most helpful home pages found in the country, a model for other states. Violent Sexual Predators, defined as posing the greatest risk to the community, are presented in a separate, searchable listing. Make general search choices easily with the tabs supported by plain language explanations. FAQs are found in the guide to the registry, a downloadable document referenced on the home page, and one of the most informative documents found on any state’s registry.

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