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The Federal Bureau of Investigation, Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) Division can no longer support providing National Crime Information Center (NCIC) data on cartridge tape. Currently, the CJIS Division has one remaining tape drive and cannot replace it upon failure.

As of April 25, 2013, NCIC will reject any File Transfer (FT) transaction that contains a code T (put on tape and mail) in the User Decision Code (UDC) Field. The reject response will read REJECT — FIELD ERROR UDC. A Technical and Operational Update regarding this change is forthcoming The FT transaction is for retrieving files created by NCIC in response to online inquiries. NCIC will continue to accept the codes S (send electronically), P (print and mail), and D (delete) in the UDC Field. The code S is only valid when the file is less than 32,000 bytes. In addition, the CJIS System Agency can retrieve the file electronically via File Transfer Protocol (FTP).

Any customer of CPI affected by this should contact their Project Manager or the CPI Helpdesk/Support Center to open a ticket regarding their concerns.