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Idaho State Police Implements the
OpenFox® Criminal History Application

Computer Projects of Illinois, Inc. (CPI), a leader in information-sharing software systems for the law enforcement and criminal justice community, is pleased to announce that on April 3rd 2013, the Bureau of Criminal Identification of the Idaho State Police successfully deployed the OpenFox® Criminal History Application (CHA).

This project consisted of two large components; the replacement of a stand-alone Criminal History System as well as the replacement of the AWACI (Automated WIN and CCH Interface). Idaho is a member of WIN (Western States Identification Network) and the AWACI system was a store and forward message processing system that connected the CCH system to AFIS and IAFIS. The replacement for AWACI was added onto the project when it became evident that the OpenFox® CHA had most of the required functionality.

The OpenFox® CHA is a full cycle criminal history records application including the functionality required to support the collection, storage, management, and dissemination of criminal history information.  The CHA criminal records management is organized around a centralized repository that manages all of the personal identification data, arrest information, prosecutor data, disposition information, custody and commitment information necessary to maintaining and managing a criminal history.  For this project the OpenFox® CHA is implemented in Oracle and the data was converted from the previous Oracle database.  The requirements for the user and administrator functions was provided by the OpenFox® CHA client software which is a module in the OpenFox® Desktop product suite and inherits all of its operating characteristics such as single sign-on and FIPS 140-2 compliant encryption.

The project was a tremendous success which is borne out by our customer Dawn Peck the Manager of the Bureau of Criminal Identification for the Idaho State Police who said:

"I want to thank you all of you for your hard work, dedication and assistance during this cut over.  I think it went extremely well … having George and Louis (George Wang and Louis Filipow, Senior Database and GUI developers) right here to work on issues as they came up was extremely helpful to us.   Our team was wonderful in how they dug in and worked the system, they articulated the issues well and collectively we found the solutions. ….   We are excited about having it (the CHA System) in place."

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