North Dakota Deploys Targeted Interstate Photo Sharing (TIPS)

Computer Projects of Illinois (CPI) upgraded the North Dakota State Radio OpenFox® Message Switch so that law enforcement and CJIS Justice Agencies would have the capability to share digital images.  This project called Targeted Interstate Photo Sharing (TIPS) was implemented during September of 2014 funded by the National Law Enforcement Telecommunications System (Nlets).

The sharing of images is an ongoing effort to enable law enforcement user’s nationwide to exchange all types of images inter/intra state.  This may include wanted persons, missing children, vehicles, identifying scars, marks and tattoos and other critical images to officers on the street. This function will provide a welcome addition to the tools available to law enforcement personnel.  With the new function, the North Dakota State Radio OpenFox® Message Switch will be able to send and receive digital images and attachments.

Special Thanks to Computer Projects of Illinois (CPI)

To the TIPS project team,
I appreciate all the help and the work you guys did to get TIPS up and running.  CPI and NLETS did an outstanding job, and made my role in this project very small.  I know you guys did a lot of work on the back end, and State Radio really appreciates your dedication and your customer service.
Thanks again for all of your hard work!
Jennie Curtis
NDDES/State Radio