Bob’s Retirement

Robert (Bob) Legan, Senior System Architect was one of the original employees when CPI (Computer Projects of Illinois, Inc.) was founded in January of 1989. Bob’s retirement is effective as of June 30th, 2016. Throughout his career, Bob has been instrumental in the success of the organization having primary responsibility for the development and maintenance of the core OpenFox® Message Switching System components as well as providing a similar role for the original FOX V software.

Bob was especially conscious of two guiding principles related to software; reliability and speed. Bob spent his entire time and efforts with CPI ensuring that the system components were reliable and timely thus providing the platform necessary to help protect the officer on the street and by extension the general public. Bob’s most notable accomplishments were the creation of caching for the queue file in the FOX V system allowing CPI to implement large systems with millions of message transactions. In addition, Bob was responsible for the general redesign, porting and conversion to form the OpenFox® Message Switching core components. Bob also implemented numerous enhancements to the system based upon company direction, specific customer requirements or requests originating from the OpenFox® User Group.

At some point Bob and his wife Mary Elaine will be relocating to sunny California where they will be nearer to family. All of us at CPI wish both he and his wife the best as they begin retirement.