In Brief
The demand for criminal background checks continues to increase at an unprecedented rate. Confronted by the requirement to expand services to a more diverse audience, state repositories are continually challenged to provide a cost effective and efficient delivery system while dealing with the realities of increased operating costs and shrinking budgets and staff. To help meet the challenge CPI has developed an automated web-based solution to deliver Criminal History data within seconds.

Utilizing CPI’s flagship OpenFox® Information Broker Message Switching System, OpenFox® “iRAP” can leverage Internet technology with your existing Criminal History infrastructure to provide an efficient and cost effective delivery system for open record requests.


  • Uncluttered and User friendly GUI design
  • Supports Business, Agency, and Individual Users
  • Supports On-line or Batch submissions
  • Criminal record searches are specified by Name, and Date-of-Birth and/or Social Security Number, and optionally additional names (e.g. maiden)
  • Employs persistent shopping cart functionality
  • Immediate Payment and Monthly Email Billing Options
  • Implements an expiration policy for criminal record viewing
  • Daily email statistics to monitor usage and pending requests
  • Full cycle transaction and dissemination logging
  • A Service to the Community that provides a Significant Revenue Stream Offered either as installed on-site or as a hosted solution


Screen Shots

Figure 1 Account Home


After a successful login to the site, the User is directed to the Account Home Page which provides links to Add Searches to their Shopping Cart; View Results of Previous Searches; Update their Account, and Change their Password.

Figure 2 Adding to the Shopping Cart


When adding a Search to their Shopping Cart, the User provides the subject’s First and Last Names, a Date of Birth and / or Social Security Number. The User has the option to include Alias First and Last Names or the subject’s Maiden name. The User is required to specify the reason for the request.  

Figure 3 Shopping Cart


Prior to submitting their Shopping Cart users are given an opportunity to review their Searches. An Item can be removed from the Shopping Cart, or the User can add additional Searches. The cost is shown for each search item in the cart followed by the total cost. When the Shopping Cart is submitted the search criteria are logged and entered in the Name Search database for processing. 

Figure 4 Receipt Page


Upon successful payment, a Receipt Page, containing information from the payment portal, is returned to the User for their records, and the Receipt is recorded in the Name Search database.

 Figure 5 Purchase History


The Purchase History Page provides the User with overview of their account activity, showing the Submission ID, the date submitted, the number of searches submitted and completed, and the current status. The User has the option of viewing the Full Report (which provides a summary of the submission), the Receipt information and detailed reports of the No Record or Record responses, Pending responses, or submissions that require fingerprint verification.

Figure 6 Purchase History Submission Detail


Having selected the Full Report for Submission ID 20020, the User is presented with additional detail of the search results. In this example, one search resulted in a No Record response, and the second search resulted in a Hit. Database responses are formatted with a presentation style sheet and are available to the User in a secured PDF format or may be exported to a tab-delimited file.  

Figure 7 Secured PDF Rap Sheet


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