Mobile Messenger

Street Smart
OpenFox® Mobile Messenger is a street smart version of OpenFox® Messenger, the most popular modern law enforcement workstation software package available.  For over a decade, Messenger has led the industry through a unique combination of powerful features, unparalleled ease of use, top tier security for sensitive CJIS data, industry leading customer service, and reliability of the OpenFox® brand.  Mobile Messenger takes this proven software technology into the field and brings critical CJIS data directly into the hands of law enforcement officers.


Mobile Messenger makes it easier than ever to query law enforcement databases.  Get the information that you need, delivered to your cruiser, to protect your safety in a way that is faster than ever before.

Master Query Screen

Run 99% of your queries through the master query screen.  Query databases by license tag, vehicle identification number (VIN), driver license number (OLN),  or name and date of birth, in-state or out-of-state.


Follow up Queries

Why run follow up queries?  Just let Mobile Messenger take care of it for you, automatically!

  • Run a license tag (LIC) and run the registered owner(s) by driver license number (OLN)
  • Run a driver license (OLN) and automatically use the returned information to query NCIC and in-state files
  • Out of state driver or vehicle?  Mobile Messenger automatically queries in-state files as well
Need to query something else?  Mobile Messenger gives you access to:
  • Articles
  • Watercraft
  • Guns
  • Hazerdous Materials
  • Driver Histories
  • Criminal Histories (if allowed by your state agency)
  • Messaging to other officers and dispatch


Why should dispatch be the only ones with access to images?  Mobile Messenger gives you access to images from ANY data source available to your dispatchers.

  • NCIC Images
  • Driver's License Images (in-state AND out-of-state)
  • Corrections Photos (in-state AND out-of-state)


Dispathcers Will Love It

Dispatchers are under more demand than ever before.  Why have them run queries for officers, when officers can query directly from their cruisers?  Free up dispatchers and have them focus on coordinating your operations and relaying information.  Was there a reported incident and dispatch ordered all unnecessary traffic offline?  Officers can still access data directly.  Does your agency use a regional dispatch during off hours?  Cut costs by reducing the number of calls with direct query access.

Night Mode

Switch to night mode or have Mobile Messenger automatically switch based on the time of day.


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