Sex Offender Registry Application

In Brief
Convicted sex offenders are some of the most closely tracked and monitored individuals in the country. Consequently, information on sex offenders is housed in a myriad of locations, including municipalities, counties, state databases, the national sex offender registry, and the web. Keeping information current and accurate among all these stakeholders is a Herculean task. The OpenFox® Sex Offender Registry Application dramatically reduces the need for making multiple entries across varied platforms. This utility will also automatically update Web sites with the new information. This means less opportunity for error and fewer work force hours for data entry. Ultimately, better information means better protection from sex crimes and safer communities.


Manage Sex Offender Registries More Easily

The OpenFox® Sex Offender Management Application allows users to easily maintain a sex offender registry. The system will forward transactions to NCIC, eliminating file duplication, and can produce a wide range of documents and reports, such as:

  • Initial Registry Notifications
  • Address Verifications
  • Affidavits for Offenders Who Fail to Verify

User Logon Security
Users enter their OpenFox® user ID and password on the screen to verify that they have the security clearance to use the application.

Sex Offender Application Logon Security image

Application Logon

The main menu screen provides options to enter/modify data; do a quick search; and print verification letters, victim reports, table maintenance and more. The following screen graphic shows these options.

CPI Sex Offender Application Main Menu image

Main Menu

The OpenFox® Sex Offender Management Application lets the user enter, modify and cancel sex offender records. The following screen graphic show these options.

CPI Sex Offender Record Modification image

Record Modification

Quick Search Capability
Users launch the following form from the main menu. This allows users to easily search the sex offender database using:

  • Last Name
  • First Name
  • City
  • County
  • Zip Code
  • Hair Color
  • Eye Color
  • Height

Wildcards are available in the name field. The fields are case insensitive, so users can enter search parameters in upper, lower or mixed case. The search parameters can also be used together to form more complex searches. The results panel at the bottom of the form has a scroll bar on the right, which activates if more records are found than are displayed on the screen. Selecting a record will bring up the modify transaction.

CPI Sex Offender Quick Search image

Quick Search

Reporting Capabilities
The reports tab page allows the user to print letters, affidavits and reports for the current offender. The system will automatically calculate how many letters are needed and address them.

The application can generate multiple required forms and letters. These include the:

  • Registration Letter (LEA)
  • Registry Update Letters
  • Post Office Returned Affidavit
  • Failure to Verify Letter
  • Address Verification Letter

CPI Sex Offender Registration Letter image

Registration Letter

Sex Offender Post Office Returned Affidavit image

Post Office Returned Affidavit

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