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CPI Enhances Idaho CCH to Include Domestic Violence Report

CPI OpenFox has implemented a new report for the Idaho State Police (ISP) that provides the specific criminal history information specific to state domestic violence statutes. Scope of Work CPI wrote a script to perform a one-time search of the Criminal History (CCH) database for offender records that have an arrest/charge that matches a state-specific…

CPI Successfully Installs New SOR 2.0 for Idaho State Police

Computer Projects of Illinois (CPI) and Idaho State Police (ISP) have successfully deployed the OpenFoxยฎ Sex Offender Registry 2.0 (SOR) to production. On June 24th, CPI completed the design, development, installation, and implementation of the SOR 2.0 Application including utilities, interfaces, licenses, testing, and professional services to implement & deploy the replacement applications and information…

CPI and ISP update the OPENFOX CCH, SOR applications

CPI and the Idaho State Police (ISP) recently completed the work and placed into production, modifications to the OpenFox Computerized Criminal History (CCH) application to process Sex Offender Registration (SOR) type of transactions (TOT). The TOT transactions which submit SOR fingerprints to the CCH are initiated by the ISP Automated Biometric Identification System (ABIS) system….