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Who We Are

CPI OpenFox is a privately held corporation known for bringing cutting-edge software solutions to the law enforcement industry. Because we focus solely on this sector, we understand the specific needs and challenges criminal justice professionals face better than any other technology company. We constantly push the limits of technology, developing new ways for law enforcement officers to stay connected, informed, and protected.

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Our Mission

To develop and maintain the most innovative and intuitive information sharing software products in the law enforcement industry. We build systems that are:

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    State Of The Art

  • cost-icon

    Cost Effective

  • icon-safety

    Keeping The Public Safe

A Project Oriented Company

In order for software products to reach their full potential, they must offer user-friendly functionality and flexibility. Our systems pair with training tools and reporting options that include:

  • Discovery and Analysis
  • Design Specification
  • Program Development and Testing
  • Configuration of the Network and Transactions
  • Database Conversion
  • Component and Load Testing
  • Training
  • Placing the System in Production
  • Software Support for the Life of the System
  • Computerized Criminal History Application


  1. CPI incorporates in Illinois after purchasing the rights to the FOX V Message Switching System.

  2. First Installation of HotFiles.

  3. The OpenFox Message Switching System is officially introduced.

    First installation of CCH Database (partnered with LESS).

  4. North Dakota has the first successful installation of OpenFox.

  5. First installation of Archive Retrieval.

  6. First Installation of CCH System (Partnered with LESS)

  7. The OpenFox Message Switching System is released and successfully installed on the Microsoft Windows 2000 server platform.

  8. CPI holds their first Users’ Conference.

    First Installation of OpenFox CHA System.

  9. First installation of Messenger Workstations.

    Sites Automated Monitoring (SAM) is established.

  10. First installation of Sex Offender Registry.

  11. iRap installed.

  12. First Gun Check System installed.

  13. First installation of Linux Operating System.

    First Installation of Mobile Messenger Clients.

  14. First Installation of Sex Offender Registry 2.0.

  15. Migrated to Tier III Data Center.

    Began hosting the new SaaS model in our new tier III data center.

    Claw mobile application began running live transactions.

  16. The OpenFox Message Switching System is the most popular information broker in the industry, serving nearly half of all law enforcement agencies in the United States.

    Claw Mobile Application release.


Contact Information

CPI OpenFox

400 Quadrangle Drive

Suite F

Bolingbrook, IL 60440

Tel: (630) 547-3679

Fax: (630) 754-8835

Support Center: (866) 471-3303