OpenFox® Law Enforcement Software Solutions

High-level software solutions designed to optimize law enforcement processes.

OpenFox® Law Enforcement Software Solutions consist of enterprise-grade programs that work together to optimize important law enforcement processes and streamline workflows. These systems are scalable and fully encrypted in order to protect sensitive information.

Solutions Offered By The OpenFox® Product Suite

Our comprehensive suite of software solutions are designed to optimize your department’s ability to share information, store data, and provide intelligent, modern law enforcement services to your jurisdiction.

These plug-and-play digital tools are designed to augment your daily job duties while streamlining menial tasks, allowing your officers to be able to optimize performance. We take pride in offering software solutions that are scalable, robust, and intelligent.

Software Solutions

Police officers are tasked with a wide array of job duties that can be very time-consuming if not armed with the proper tools. OpenFox® software solutions are designed to help streamline and optimize officers’ capabilities in regard to processes such as reporting, background checks, and scheduling. These tools can help officers to:

  • Optimize patrol resource designation
  • Improve reporting capabilities
  • Access to various channels of relevant, non-biased data
  • Cut down time on reporting and planning

Our software solutions consist of a suite of tools that help optimize processes related to information sharing, offender/record management systems, and also sex offender registry and enforcement.

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Information Exchange Systems

One of the most important aspects of local law enforcement is the “detection, interdiction, and prevention” of crime. In order to do this at the highest level, officers need to have access to software that enables them to efficiently gather and analyze large pools of information. They need data turned into action as quickly as possible. Our IES’s offer secure, fast, and comprehensive access to data and analytics tools, so your officers can use the information to their advantage. Some features include:

  • Secure and extensive networks
  • Fast operation and support from a team of trained experts
  • Reliable access to various critical data centers

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An Intelligent And Digitally-Driven Solution For Police Departments

Modern times call for a modern approach to policing. OpenFox® software solutions can help your police units operate at their highest level while enabling them to handle cases more efficiently. We are proud to offer a full suite of products that facilitates quick, reliable, and secure sharing of vital information.

All OpenFox® solutions are designed with customer needs in mind in order to ensure dynamic, reliable, and user-friendly applications. To learn more about the full range of products offered in the OpenFox® suite, reach out to CPI OpenFox by phone at 630.547.3679 or schedule a consultation online to get started today.

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