Message Switch

The CPI OpenFox® Message Switch System provides secure, fast and reliable communications connectors that allow cutting-edge compatibility with a variety of requirements, such as standard protocols, XML, images and web services. All OpenFox® Systems are enterprise-wide, mission-critical installations that include a robust feature set with high availability.

Features Overview

The Message Switch System provides access to a wide variety of city, county, state and federal criminal justice agency information and allows criminal justice integration efforts between probation and parole officers, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and other law enforcement entities around the world.

Our system includes the ability to configure business rules and other software requirements resulting in a system that can be placed into operation quickly and enables rapid support for any new requirements. It also contains many additional features such as:

  • Guaranteed message delivery
  • Full recovery
  • Reporting
  • Operations control
  • Statistics
  • Auditing
  • Logging
  • And many others
cables being used as part of a message switch system

Information Broker / Message Switch System Product Sheet

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CPI OpenFox Message Switch network map

Additional Product Capabilities

Configuration Capability – The OpenFox® System incorporates an On-Line Configuration tool that is used by CPI engineers, when installing the system and by customer Administrators the ability to add, change, or delete the various elements used by the software. Changes are immediately available to the system without requiring a reboot or restart of any system component. For more information, please refer to the product page for OpenFox® Configurator. Enterprise User Repository – The OpenFox® System includes a robust roles based user repository that supports standard interfaces, such as RADIUS and LDAP, against which other applications in the enterprise may validate user credentials. Integrated Advanced AuthenticationCPI supports both integrated authorization and authentication. We have handled user authorization and authentication in many ways depending on the agency’s business requirements. CPI is comfortable utilizing LDAP, an API to RSA Device (either soft token or key fob), or web services to Active Directory.

Communication Protocol

Communications – No matter the connection or protocol, the OpenFox® System provides secure, fast, reliable communications connectors that allow cutting-edge compatibility with a variety of external interfaces such as DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) systems, CCH (Computerized Criminal History) systems, DOC (Department of Corrections) systems, regional computing systems such as CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch) systems, MDT (Mobile Data Terminal) systems, AOC (Administrative Office of the Courts) systems as well as others. Architectural Security – In addition to compliance with CJIS Security Policy and secure log-in technology, OpenFox® products are integrated with RSA BSAFE Crypto-J software, which is a FIPS 140-2 validated cryptographic software library module. The primary algorithm used for data encryption is the AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) algorithm operated in CBC (Cypher Block Chaining) mode, with all IVs (Initial Vectors) generated in the proper FIPS-approved mode. The encryption scheme is certified at 128, 192 and 256 bits.

a Texas DPS helicopter pilot using the OpenFox® Message Switch System

Criminal Justice Standards

Law Enforcement Criminal Justice Standards – The OpenFox® System and suite of products has been specialized for the law enforcement and criminal justice environment supporting many standards common in this environment as detailed below:

  • GJXDM (Global Justice XML Data Model)
  • NIEM (National Information Exchange Model)
  • NISP (Nlets Interstate Sharing of Photos)
  • NCIC 2000
  • Nlets XML

Highly Available – In order to provide systems that meet the mission-critical requirements of law enforcement, CPI utilizes High Availability which monitors the operations of the hardware, operating system and application.  If necessary, the operation of the system is moved to the standby platform and restarted with no loss of data.

a criminal justice standards diagram

Message Switch In Action

This OpenFox® product is currently in use by:

  • Colorado Department of Public Safety
  • Indiana State Police
  • Illinois State Police
  • And Many More

Want To Know More?

If you are looking to acquire a law enforcement information sharing system that is CJIS compliant and offers quick, reliable message delivery, contact CPI OpenFox today. Feel free to reach out to us for more information about Message Switch System or to get started with implementation.

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