Sex Offender Registry

The OpenFox® Sex Offender Registry dramatically reduces the need for updating convicted offenders’ information across municipalities, state databases, national registries, and more. This means less opportunity for error and fewer workforce hours for data entry. Ultimately, better information means better protection from sex crimes and safer communities.

Features Overview

OpenFox SOR NextGen was designed & developed with a careful focus on reliability, the NCIC Data Model, Optimum Performance, and Transparency. CPI also developed a new patented syncing technology (NCISync) to ensure the emergence of a superior COTS product that realizes the same elite quality, trust, and standards as our other market-leading products offered in the OpenFox® Product Suite. SOR NextGen features the following search options:

  • Clear Previous Results — user preference. Removes the current results displayed within the details window.
  • Remember Last Search — user preference. Remembers the last search ran, including if you sign on from a different terminal or machine failure.
  • Queue Position Box — searches are queued (if necessary – virtually all search results are delivered immediately) so vital functionalities within the system are not compromised.
  • Robust Configurable Searches — Choose criteria from a list of configurable fields. Add criteria and dynamic search conditions. Enter keywords and filters in a search value field.
OpenFox® Sex Offender Registry search functionality

Search Queries

Base Record Indicator For supplemental information, the user can simply indicate which value they need to be synced with NCIC as the base value.

Move To History Supplemental data, such as an address, are easily stored as a historical archive by clicking a checkbox.

Image Handling A local encrypted caching mechanism has been built into the software. When loading a record, images are not downloaded until they are needed, so response times are swift, & the GUI remains accessible.

Printing Records The default print behavior employs a technology called Jasper Reports. A robust reporting tool that is highly configurable. This also allows us to create decadent displays that include in-line imaging.

OpenFox® Sex Offender Registry address editor

Sex Offender Registry Product Sheet

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the OpenFox® Sex Offender Registry architecture

Additional Product Capabilities

The OpenFox® SOR NextGen solution is CJIS and SORNA compliant out of the box and easily configurable to meet the requirements of any agency, county, state, or national level standards. OpenFox® SOR NextGen operates quickly, securely, and efficiently. Here are some of the major components that ensure top performance levels:


  • Direct TCP/IP (FoxTalk) and rotored connections
  • Faster & more reliable than the Insert & Poll Database model


  • Front-end and Fennec Broker exchange messages in JSON
  • Reduces the bytes sent through the Switch, over the wire, and stored in Archive

Modern Processing Methods

Parallel Processing

  • Distinct processing channels for: searches, record maintenance, NCIC syncing and image / binary asset processing.
  • Small jobs are processed while long ones run in the background. For example, while saving a record, the NCIC syncs keep running smoothly.

Queuing / Throttling

  • Searches and NCIC syncs are queued
  • Throttling the syncs & searches ensures the system won’t be overwhelmed


  • Works similarly to web browsers and images
  • Less load on server & bandwidth means faster performance for users
  • GUI caches offender images
  • Fennec Broker caches frequently requested offender records and data
search query demonstration for the OpenFox® Sex Offender Registry system

Sex Offender Registry In Action

This OpenFox® product is currently in use by:

  • Idaho State Police
  • West Virginia State Police
  • Colorado Department of Public Safety
  • And Many More
a police officer using the OpenFox® Sex Offender Registry 2.0

Want To Know More?

If you are looking to acquire a sex offender registry system that is CJIS compliant and offers quick, reliable information delivery, contact CPI OpenFox today. Feel free to reach out to us for more information about our SOR NextGen solution or to get started with implementation.

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