Police Background Check Software

Perform fast and reliable background checks

OpenFox’s police background check software enables modern, secure, and professional background checks.

Our background check software is fully customizable and can be adapted to any department’s infrastructure. They also facilitate easy communication of results with the required entities including the FBI, FINRA, and more.

Why Expert Fingerprinting Software Is Essential

officers looking thorugh background check informationWhen conducting background checks for police, it is essential to ensure that the information you are submitting and receiving is accurate and of the right depth. This is why our software enables access to both private and personal records databases so you can attain the level of scrutiny that is necessary for your needs.

Live Scan Fingerprinting

OpenFox® provides live scan fingerprinting software customized to submit fingerprints to the FBI and other regulated authorities such as the FINRA.

Expedited Background Checks

In some cases, it will be necessary to complete background checks in an expedited manner in order to get critical information. Our software enables speedy background checks when you need them.

Ensure You Are Searching For The Right Person

The key aspect of a proper background investigation is that you are targeting the correct individual. If your software is not able to accurately target the proper person, you could open yourself up to some very dangerous legal issues. To avoid legal trouble and ensure you’re only getting information about the person you’re looking for, use background research software that cross-references all the information for identity verification.

Get Records From A Variety Of Sources

A high-quality background check removes all bias from the process. This means that the software should be pulling information from a variety of trusted sources as well as public and private databases. When trying to paint a truly accurate background on an individual, the more records and databases that are used, the better.

Provide Professional And Seamless Reporting

The final presentation of the background check is an important factor. Our software facilitates easy-to-read and intelligently organized reports that make it easy for clients and those who request background checks to remain transparent. This is where our software shines – it unites the value of good information with a digitally-driven, smarter approach to organization and efficiency.

At its most simple, a background investigation can help you reduce risk and make sure the people you hire and investigate are properly identified.

OpenFox® Police Background Check Software Products

a finger print scanned through a softwareCPI OpenFox also offers additional off-the-shelf police background check software that includes the following:


OpenFox®’s Internet Records Access Portal (iRAP) helps disseminate criminal history and background check information to authorized individuals.

iRAP features applicant fingerprint registration, allowing individuals to register their fingerprints to conduct comprehensive background checks. With iRAP, agencies can create an agency profile to conduct several background checks and receive immediate access to applicant information.

Get Started With Police Background Check Software

OpenFox®’s police background check software is designed to help police departments have access to modern and high-level background check services. With easy integration, multiple sources, and batch processing, you can be sure you are utilizing background check software that delivers. To learn more about the police background check software offered in the OpenFox® product suite, reach out to CPI OpenFox by phone at 630.547.3679 or schedule a consultation online to get started today.

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