Police Database Software

Improve access to important data and optimize decision-making capabilities

For police, data analytics can help determine proper patrolling patterns, criminal records of involved persons, dangerous past behavior, response protocols, and more. Police database software allows information and records to be accessed from anywhere and enables officers to remain consistently updated and on the same page.

OpenFox® Police Database Software Benefits

internal look at a database softwareBy integrating data across agencies, OpenFox®’s database software is able to efficiently disseminate important information and enable seamless data sharing. Everything from basic communication to data utilization is easier with the right digital database software.

Some benefits of utilizing our police database software include:

Easy Integration

OpenFox® police database software is easily integrated into your existing systems. Additionally, it is a unified and customizable system that can be tailored to the unique needs of your department.

Improved Access

Get more complete access to the data your officers need to provide the highest level of service to the community. Our software offers complete data synchronization, so your department can have access to up-to-date information. This offers the ability to instantly and seamlessly communicate and create opportunities to achieve success as a law enforcement officer.

Stay Organized

By compiling all of your data (field reports, names, photos, etc) into a single database, you can improve the decision-making power of your police units. Not only that, but they will be able to more effectively communicate with immediate access to a unified database.

OpenFox® Police Database Software Products

OpenFox also offers additional off-the-shelf police database software that includes:

HotFiles 2.0

a man tapping at a record sharing software screenOpenFox Hotfile’s Application 2.0 helps manage and control intrastate and NCIC records for efficient record sharing.

The software is fully integrated with the OpenFox® Message Switch and utilizes configurations rather than hard coding to define transaction processing and response creation. The HotFiles 2.0 system is composed of both State-specific files and NCIC mirror files. HotFiles helps manage and control intrastate and NCIC records for efficient record sharing.

Archive 3

The central site component of the OpenFox Archive System allows users to store, log, and access message traffic processed by the OpenFox Message Switch or other product suite components. The OpenFox Archive Client software is a module running in the OpenFox Desktop which allows users to access stored data.

After many years of perfecting this product and fine-tuning it based on police department needs, the software has become incredibly powerful and able to implement much-needed use cases for the everyday police officer.

Get Started With Police Database Software

These days, access to data is the key to smarter operations. For the public, the benefits can be huge as well. Capturing more data means police departments and sheriffs’ offices can make better decisions and keep communities safer. Not only that, but it also enables transparency between officers and the community, helping to better unite communities and the police that serve them.

An enhanced database software will ensure your department receives fast access to the critical information it needs, whenever it may need it. To learn more about the police database software offered in the OpenFox® product suite, reach out to CPI OpenFox by phone at 630.547.3679 or schedule a consultation online to get started today.

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