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The OpenFox Suite was designed to solve real-world communication issues within criminal justice. Our products compliment each other and work together to create safe, informed law enforcement decisions.


OpenFox® Archive provides Administrators and/or Agency TACs with an easy-to-use system for automated, secure storage of transaction data for long periods of time. Accessing stored data is easy; users can quickly retrieve information by searching archived data using simple search commands. This database is an excellent source for investigative and court case support.



The OpenFox® Configurator tool differentiates the OpenFox® System from other competitor products by allowing authorized personnel to make all configuration changes online without having to restart the system.  With the OpenFox® System there is no need to wait until a scheduled time to add new users or new access points (devices), or for that matter, new or modified message transactions.

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High Availability

High Availability [HA] for OpenFox® provides automatic detection of system failures, including hardware errors, operating system malfunctions, and application errors. The system will automatically recover the OpenFox® application and data on the backup system, minimizing downtime to minutes. The function provides a low-cost, high availability environment for the message switching application. And if a failure does occur, HA for OpenFox® provides rapid, transparent recovery.


Hotfiles Application

On the national level, the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) maintains a central database of stolen articles and vehicles and wanted and missing persons. However, on a state-by-state basis, each state has unique information requirements and has no control over the central information; they may need to enhance NCIC data. Mirroring the NCIC database, OpenFox® Hotfile allows regional, state, county, and municipal agencies to customize NCIC files while accessing, sharing and reporting that information efficiently.

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The OpenFox® Interceptor Terminal provides an easy method for manually reviewing messages and then either deleting, rerouting or editing them before sending them to their appropriate audience in the general user community. Not only are inappropriate messages weeded out, manpower is also reduced, resulting in cost savings.

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Mobile Messenger

OpenFox® Mobile Messenger is a street smart version of OpenFox® Messenger, the most popular modern law enforcement workstation software package available.  For over a decade, Messenger has led the industry through a unique combination of powerful features, unparalleled ease of use, top tier security for sensitive CJIS data, industry leading customer service, and reliability of the OpenFox® brand.


Online Validation Application

The OpenFox® Online Validation application automates and organizes control and dataflow to help the Validation Administrator and users manage and implement the monthly NCIC 2000 online record validation process.

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Operator Aid

OpenFox® Operator Aid is a graphic user interface (GUI) administrative tool for the control and operation of the OpenFox® Information Broker/Message Switching System (OpenFox® System). Now, administrative users can execute even complex functions and generate important reports using simple GUI technology rather than memorizing commands, thus minimizing training time and increasing productivity.


Proxy Server

The OpenFox® TCP Proxy Server allows users to access secured information from unsecured locations such as the internet, without exposing the server application. It is an extremely cost effective, easy-to-maintain tool that allows law enforcement and criminal justice users lacking traditional private network connectivity the ability to access secure law enforcement information without exposing the system to internet threats.


iRAP - internet Records Access Portal

Utilizing CPI’s flagship OpenFox® Information Broker Message Switching System, OpenFox® “iRAP” can leverage Internet technology with your existing Criminal History infrastructure to provide an efficient and cost effective delivery system for open record requests.


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