The CPI OpenFox® Internet Records Access Portal (iRAP) allows criminal history background check information to be disseminated to authorized individuals, businesses, and agencies via password-protected PDF documents.  The portal allows both name-based and fingerprint-based results to be accessed via the portal. The fingerprint search portal and the name-based search portal are both available for implementation.

Features Overview

Landing Page

Provides information about the site and iRap.  The navigation bar allows an individual to Login to the site if they have an existing account as well as register for the different aspects of the site’s functionality.


  • Fingerprint Based Search Portal
  • Name Based Search Portal


  • Agency Account for fingerprinting
  • Public/Business User Account for Name Based Searches
  • An applicant for Agency applying for fingerprinting

Applicant FP Check Status

Fingerprint Search Portal

The Fingerprint Search Portal allows an individual to register to be fingerprinted for a background check required by an agency or entity (i.e. employer).

  • Agency Account Registration

Provides the agency or entity the ability to register to participate in the fingerprint-based background check program.


a magnifying glass resting on a laptop keyboard
a police officer using the OpenFox® iRap product to search a criminal record

Additional Product Capabilities

Applicant Fingerprint Registration 

Provides the applicant the ability to register to get fingerprinted.

  • The applicant must provide the agency registration ID, provided by the agency or entity requesting the fingerprint background check.
    • It is configurable whether an agency will require a notarized letter.
    • The applicant must enter contact and personal information.
  • Upon registration, the system will auto-generate a TCN for this fingerprint submission.
  • The applicant will be directed to the third-party Fingerprint portal to schedule an appointment.
  • The applicant will be allowed to check the status of the fingerprint submission

Agency Administration 

Allows an agency to manage its agency profile, manage its users and manage emails for rapback notifications.

  • The user must log in with appropriate credentials in order to obtain access.
  • The user logged in with the appropriate user role/permission will be allowed to manage agency information; address, billing contact information, and email addresses for the primary Admin User and Billing User.
  • The user logged in with the appropriate user role/permission will be allowed to maintain user account records.   The user will be allowed to add/remove user accounts, enter user contact information, provide login credentials and assign user roles/permissions, and flag types of email notifications they will receive (results, rapback, billing, validations).


    • Reports on applicants, Reports on users
    • Rap sheet status review (viewed/unviewed)

iRAP In Action

This OpenFox® product is currently in use by:

  • Ohio Attorney General
  • Missouri State Highway Patrol
  • And Many More
the Ohio State Capitol building which uses the OpenFox® iRap product

Want To Know More?

If you are looking to acquire law enforcement background check software that is CJIS compliant and offers quick, reliable record and background information delivery, contact CPI OpenFox today. Feel free to reach out to us for more information about iRAP or to get started with implementation.

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