Arizona Department of Public Safety Successfully Installs OpenFox Hotfiles 2.0

Arizona state trooper car

OpenFox® Hotfiles Application 2.0 (HFA) has been successfully installed for the Arizona Department of Public Safety. CPI’s OpenFox® Hotfiles Application (HFA) 2.0 helps manage and control intrastate and NCIC records for efficient record sharing. The application is implemented in SQL Server or Oracle technology and is fully integrated with the OpenFox® Message Switch. The all-new HFA 2.0 leverages CPI’s patent-pending NCIC sync technology first developed for CPI’s Sex Offender Registry 2.0 solution. The new and improved design has enhanced performance and flexibility.

The high-level scope of work for the project included:

  • Hotfile Database and Application
  • Set up and configured Hotfile database schema, data model, and tables
  • Created Hotfile data mapping and data conversion rules
  • Converted the legacy Hotfiles to the new Hotfile database architecture on SQL Server
  • Completed Hotfile application configurations
  • Integrated with the OpenFox® Message Switch
  • Configured and routed Hotfile message keys
  • Completed Hotfile Reporting and Data Extracts 
  • Created Hotfile random record selection process
  • Installed Online Validations
  • Implemented OpenFox® Desktop with Online Validations functionality
  • Set up, configured,​ and built tables for the Online Validations database model
  • Completed Online Validations routing rules and reporting
  • Completed training and knowledge transfer to AZDPS personnel

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