Police Information Sharing System

Facilitate transparency and efficiency

Police departments, now more than ever, need access to digital tools that enable rapid and secure information sharing across units and departments. With unified communications and information sharing protocols in place, officers can maximize their situational awareness and provide more strategic coverage alongside other units.

Police Information Sharing System Features

an employee at the police station working on the phoneThe OpenFox® Suite of data and information sharing programs help police departments more readily and seamlessly share information. These law enforcement communication systems can help units and departments interoperate much more effectively while ensuring the privacy and safety of sensitive information.

The systems features include:

  • Secure information sharing
  • Analytical support services
  • Improved preparedness and officer safety
  • Optimized decision-making and strategy coordination

Group calls, inter-departmental as well as inter-regional communication are critical for optimal policing in any given area. Real-time geolocation, bodycam video, maps and images on demand, license plate reading, as well as warrant & arrest database queries can all be exchanged with HQ from inside or outside the police car while maintaining voice contact with dispatch. This significantly improves the situational awareness of officers during any given scenario.

OpenFox® Police Information Sharing Products

CPI OpenFox offers secure information sharing and communications capabilities, critical analytical and investigative support services, and event deconfliction to enhance officer safety. These products cover intra-agency sharing software and multi-jurisdictional software for both wireless and wired networks.

Message Switch

The OpenFox® Message Switch System provides secure, fast, and reliable communications connectors that allow cutting-edge compatibility with a variety of requirements, such as standard protocols, XML, images and web services. All OpenFox® Systems are enterprise-wide, mission-critical installations that include a robust feature set with high availability.

The Message Switch System provides access to a wide variety of city, county, state and federal criminal justice agency information and allows criminal justice integration efforts between probation and parole officers, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and other law enforcement entities around the world.

Messenger Workstation

police station workstation software deskThe OpenFox® Messenger is used by more law enforcement users than any other workstation software.

Messenger works just like an email program, and you can share images and other documents just as easily as you do through email. The only difference is that Messenger communications are secured to the standards of any dedicated law enforcement network. Highlights include:

  • Familiar interface — Modeled after familiar email software Microsoft® Outlook, Messenger is intuitive and easy to adopt.
  • Multiple monitor capability — Messenger conveniently displays your list of responses right next to the message text.
  • Save time — Tired of copying information from a response message and pasting it into a form? Messenger provides links directly in the message text.
  • Code lists — When you select an NCIC code from a list, Messenger immediately displays the text meaning of the code right in the form. Using Messenger, you’ll never have to guess if you have the right code selected again.
  • Full Customization — With so many user-selected options, Messenger allows each individual to custom tailor the software to their own unique preferences.

Get Started With An Information Sharing System

The OpenFox® Suite has several police information sharing systems for law enforcement departments to use. CPI OpenFox will assist with the installation and implementation of our systems to ensure your department can utilize them to their full potential. To learn more about the information sharing systems offered in the OpenFox® suite, reach out to CPI OpenFox by phone at 630.547.3679 or schedule a consultation online to get started today.

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