Sex Offender Registry System

The OpenFox® Sex Offender Registry System offers a robust, end-to-end protocol for the management and access of important sex offender information. This software was developed with the goal of helping to minimize errors and facilitate a more digital-driven workflow that emphasizes efficiency and maximizes the ability for law enforcement to keep communities safe.

OpenFox® Sex Offender Registry System Features

police officers at the stations looking through street footage for a criminalThe OpenFox® sex offender registry system customizable workflow features allow you to customize the entire registration period for a sex offender with dynamic features that include:

  • Automate processes based on state and local law.
  • Automatic push notifications when new offenders register in the area
  • Helps to instantly and automatically notify relevant institutions and offices when new sex offenders have been registered i.e. schools, churches, and child care centers.
  • Instant access to pertinent information regarding the offender, the crime, registered vehicles, probation, sentence information, and more.
  • Enable instant access to this information anytime and anywhere with seamless sharing features.

Our digital sex offender software helps display the location of every registered sex offender with easy access to the information you need, when you need it. The software helps investigators to more easily look up possible suspects by finding their proximity to a crime scene. It also allows agents to seamlessly review relevant info pertaining to arrest including pictures, images of scars, marks and tattoos, work history, and vehicle information in order to maximize the chance of a timely capture.

The OpenFox® software suite helps to maximize the efficiency of the system used to record, manage, and enact proper law enforcement of sex offenders. When your officers need access to this information for reporting or investigative work, this suite of tools makes it easier than ever before.

The OpenFox® Sex Offender Registry 2.0

a detective looking through police software for informationOpenFox® has also developed a new patent-pending syncing technology to ensure the emergence of a superior COTS product that realizes the same elite quality, trust, and standards as our other market-leading products.

Capabilities & Benefits

The OpenFox® Sex Offender Registry 2.0 (SOR 2.0) dramatically reduces the need for updating convicted offenders’ information across municipalities, state databases, national registries, and more. This means less opportunity for error and fewer workforce hours for data entry.

The software is compliant and easily integrated into any departments existing infrastructure. OpenFox® SOR 2.0 operates quickly, securely, and efficiently. The team at CPI OpenFox has designed these tools with seamlessness and efficiency in mind — and not to mention the safety of the community at large.

Get Started With A SOR System

With the OpenFox® sex offender registry system, any department can maximize the security of their communities from dangerous offenders while simultaneously helping solve related crimes more effectively. To learn more about the sex offender registry systems offered in the OpenFox® suite, reach out to CPI OpenFox by phone at 630.547.3679 or schedule a consultation online to get started today.

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