OpenFox HotFiles

The CPI OpenFox® HotFiles NextGen Application helps manage and control intrastate and NCIC records for efficient record sharing. The application is implemented in MS SQL Server® or Oracle® RDBMS technology. It is fully integrated with the OpenFox Message Switch System and utilizes configurations rather than hard coding to define transaction processing and response creation. The Hotfiles NextGen system is composed of both State-specific files as well as NCIC mirror files. 

The application is implemented in SQL Server or Oracle technology and is fully integrated with the OpenFox Message Switch. The HotFiles application leverages CPI’s US patented NCIC sync technology first developed for the CPI OpenFox Sex Offender Registry solution. The new and improved design has enhanced performance and flexibility. The following principles and functionality explain why the development of the NextGen HotFiles application has significantly improved the previous HotFiles product.

Features Overview

The OpenFox® HotFiles NextGen application provides support for the following essential capabilities:

Transaction Support

All NCIC2000 transaction and record types, and many intrastate record types, are fully supported including ENTRY, MODIFY, QUERY, CANCEL, CLEAR, and LOCATE capabilities. Full supplemental support is included.

XML Support

The HFA supports XML and standard NCIC presentation-style data exchanges based on endpoint requirements and capabilities.

Workflow and NCIC Synchronization

The HFA includes workflow management that ensures a high level of synchronization with NCIC. CPI’s cutting edge, US patented NCIC sync functionality, which is also utilized by the SOR NextGen solution, manages transactions modifying the Hotfile database or NCIC updates. The HFA ensures all updates to all databases and NCIC are synchronized.

Flexible Response Formats

Many of the HotFiles key operational characteristics are table-driven, providing flexibility in defining response formats, duplicate checking definitions, and search algorithm details.

Record Retention and Purges

The NCIC record retention and purge guidelines and requirements are implemented in the standard design.

Backup and Recovery

The HotFiles implementation includes a comprehensive backup and recovery method that provides for daily online backups, in addition to a point-in-time recovery model.


The Hotfile NextGen application environment includes administration reports and standard activity and status reports. Many reporting tools can easily support customer reporting requirements.


OpenFox HotFiles 2.0 process flow diagram

HotFiles 2.0

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OpenFox® HotFiles 2.0 data model

Additional Product Capabilities

Hotfiles NextGen Design Principles:

  • Complete NCIC compliance
  • Enhanced performance
  • Enhanced flexibility
  • Improved ease of maintenance
  • Robust query functionalities
  • Flexible reporting capabilities
  • Database independent

Upgraded NCIC Compliance:

  • Leverages patent-pending NCIC sync technology
  • New NCIC data model
  • Handle both letter O and number 0 for record matching
  • Handle NCIC unsolicited messages
  • Send unsolicited messages for local-only records
  • Validation and reporting capabilities

Hibernate Framework:

  • Code auto-generation
  • More robust data retrieval
  • In Conjunction with data structure redesign

Real-time Replication Reporting Database:

  • Enhanced Flexibility
  • No negative impact on production database performance
  • Soft delete feature allows reports on purged records


OpenFox HotFiles In Action

This OpenFox® product is currently in use by:

  • Arizona Department of Public Safety
  • Illinois State Police
  • And Many More

Want To Know More?

If you are looking to acquire a law enforcement database software that is CJIS compliant and offers quick, reliable record delivery, contact CPI OpenFox today. Feel free to reach out to us for more information about HotFiles 2.0 or to get started with implementation.

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