CPI Updates CBI Federal Firearms License (FFL) Website


The Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) and Computer Projects of Illinois (CPI) have made enhancements to the Colorado Federal Firearms License (FFL) website application process that will not allow an application to be submitted unless a disclaimer acknowledgment flag on the FFL application form is checked by the Firearms dealer.

CPI implemented the following changes: 

  • Added disclaimer text to the Federal Firearms License application form on the FFL website supplied by CBI.
  • Added a flag to the application form next to the above disclaimer
  • Modified the application submission logic as follows:
    • Modified current FFL website application submission process to not allow submission unless the flag is checked
    • Modified the current database procedure to include the flag in the call parameter
    • Added a column to the APPLICANT table for the FFL application and a Colorado ENTRY table for historical tracking.
    • Modified the FFL database processing code to integrate the new column and data
    • Added DL_State and APP _OUT _CHECK fields between DOB and Record Date to the FFLR response to, so the FFL administrators will see the data.

The Colorado Bureau of Investigation Firearms InstaCheck Unit is responsible for ensuring that proper procedures, along with state and federal guidelines are adhered to and followed by all citizens wishing to purchase a firearm. The Firearms InstaCheck Unit performs comprehensive background investigations into each and every firearm purchase, as well as reviews all concealed weapon permit applications, helping to promote gun safety within the State of Colorado. For additional information about the services provided by InstaCheck please visit: https://www.colorado.gov/pacific/cbi/node/55401/

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