CPI’s 10th CCH Installation Is Successfully Implemented in Arizona

Computer Projects of Illinois (CPI) and Arizona Department of Public Safety (AZDPS) have successfully deployed the OpenFox® Criminal History Application (CHA). The project replaced the legacy mainframe-based Arizona Criminal History (ACCH) database and user applications that served the Arizona Criminal Justice Information System (ACJIS) community.

The existing ACCH data repositories and associated Criminal Justice Information Systems (CJIS) processing were replaced with OpenFox® products.  Just a few of the many components of the project include:

  • Hardware sizing and configuration recommendations
  • CCH database schema, data model, and tables
  • CCH data mapping and data conversion  
  • CCH Application Admin Client 
  • CCH message key and routing configurations 
  • CCH Reporting Database
  • Triple I Synchronization
  • Soundex

The OpenFox CHA Implementation follows recent implementations of the OpenFox Message Switch and OpenFox Hotfiles at the Arizona DPS.

This is CPI’s 10th state-level Computerized Criminal History deployment.

The OpenFox Criminal History Application is organized around a central repository that manages all the personal and identification data as well as the creation, maintenance, and dissemination of criminal history information including Arrest Events, Prosecutor Data, Dispositions, and Custody Data.

More about the OpenFox CHA: https://www.openfox.com/products/criminal-history-application/