MSHP Upgrades MACHS Portal System

side view of the Missouri state capitol building

The Missouri State Highway Patrol (MSHP) has been actively using the Missouri Automated Criminal History Site (MACHS) Portal for several years. With the help of CPI (Computer Projects of Illinois), the new updates ensure the management and execution of name searches align with the Computerized Criminal History (CCH) system’s current workflow. The benefits include providing a visual representation of requested searches for MSHP CCH Admin users, and in turn, providing similar functionality already deployed through the MACHS Fingerprint Portal. CPI and MSHP personnel worked closely together to validate development and testing to ensure a successful implementation.

This project’s Scope included work within the currently deployed CCH and MACHS DBs, the CCH Admin Client, and the MACHS Name Search Portal. The project also provides a similar Review Queue for administrators as the MACHS Fingerprint Portal. This Review Queue is a newly developed screen within the CCH Client that an MSHP CCH Admin can determine the number of searches and interact with the searches themselves. The MACHS Name Search Portal changes include notarized letter requests that mirror the Fingerprint Search workflow process in the MACHS Fingerprint Search website.

The implementation provides the MSHP CCH Admin personnel real-time access to Name Searches provided through the MACHS Name Search Portal.

The MACHS Portal is a version of the CPI solution called OpenFox® iRAP (Internet Record Access Portal).

About OpenFox® iRAP:

OpenFox® iRAP (Internet Record Access Portal) leverages Internet technology with your existing Criminal History infrastructure to provide an efficient and cost-effective delivery system for open record requests.

iRAP Features:

  • Uncluttered and User-friendly GUI design
  • Supports Business, Agency, and Individual Users
  • Supports On-line or Batch submissions
  • Criminal record searches are specified by Name, and Date-of-Birth and/or Social Security Number, and additional names (e.g., maiden)
  • Employs persistent shopping cart functionality
  • Immediate Payment and Monthly Email Billing Options
  • Implements an expiration policy for criminal record viewing
  • Daily email statistics to monitor usage and pending requests
  • Full cycle transaction and dissemination logging
  • A Service to the Community that provides a Significant Revenue Stream

 About CPI: