New Hampshire State Police Implements TIPS and Web-Service to Nlets Interface

CPI recently cut to Production a new receiver web service to Nlets and the NLETS TIPS, “Targeted Interstate Photo Sharing” for the New Hampshire State Police (SPOTS) OpenFox Message Switch.  

This project encompasses two projects in one.   The first was the conversion of the NLETS dual socket interface, and associated driver, to the new NLETS Web Services interface and associated driver.  

The second was the implementing the standard NLETS TIPS, (Targeted Interstate Photo Sharing) project to convert and enhance specific administrative messages keys to enable photo sharing.  

The Message Keys that were modified to provide for image attachment and display were Administrative Messages (AM/AML) and Amber Alert (AA). 

Much like the Enter NCIC Image (EIM) transaction, the user will click the “Import Image” button before transmitting the message to the switch.