Rhode Island Attorney General Pistol Permit Printing

On February 17th, 2017 Computer Projects of Illinois (CPI) successfully implemented Rhode Island Attorney General Pistol Permit Printing.  The new functionality, provided by CPI, provides a method to automate the printing of the Concealed Handgun Permit ID Card. The OpenFox® Criminal History Application (CHA) system has automated the applicable printing functions to produce the pistol permit ID card. Implemented in 2016, CPI’s Criminal History Application enables the State of Rhode Island to perform reliable background checks while utilizing additional functionality to print and issue Concealed Handgun Permit Cards to authorized citizens.

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Rhode Island Attorney General Chief of BCI Investigations, William Karalis states, “Our prior process was mostly manual – however with the new concealed carry gun permit processing we generate professional driver’s license type concealed carry gun permits and store the applicants photo, signature and thumb print – this makes reprinting lost or stolen cards as easy as point and click”.

The Background checklist is an electronic form that is integrated in the OpenFox® CHA application. The OpenFox®Messenger workstation application spawns multiple queries on the individual to FBI/National Crime Information Center (NCIC), the National Law Enforcement Telecommunication’s System (NLETS), as well as Wanted/Missing Person files, Driver License, and Criminal History information. The responses are returned to the OpenFox®application, aggregated, and made available to Rhode Island Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) staff for review.

The automated functionality is able to generate a Pistol Permit ID Card containing the person’s ID info, photo, finger print, and signature. Next, the application gathers and creates information in a file that is sent to a card printer. When the new radio button is selected within the “Pistol Permit Tab,” a new pop-up displays the client identification information. The reviewer then imports the signature, finger print, and photo from connected devices to populate the ID card display.

Once all information is gathered, and displayed as seen here, the user is ready to review and print the permit card. All necessary data (signature, finger print, and photo) captured is retained and stored in the CHA Database.

 “With the new concealed carry gun permit functionality we have increased processing speed and developed an easy to follow audit trail of all activity associated with a concealed carry gun permit”. – William Karalis


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