WV SOR Enhances Search Capabilities

a blue West Virginia state police cruiser

The OpenFox® Message Switch currently manages a Web Service API for the West Virginia State Police Sex Offender Registry (SOR) with state-specific configurations developed by CPI.

CPI recently modified the Search functionality to query the registry for existing offender records with the ability to filter by specific parameters, including county of registration (COR), Name and DOB, Status (STATE STATUS), Birth Month, DNA, SXP, Wanted, Parole, and SID. Additionally, CPI provided parameters to specify what data is returned in the response, including Current Only and specific DataSets.

CPI also provided a method for users to query an offender’s current addresses by SID using the existing getWebOffender method, and then updated latitude and longitude (LAT/LON) values for a particular address. The LAT/LON value for an address is used in various steps of the SOR registration update process.