CPI Adds New Web Service Interface for Boat Queries in KY

Kentucky State Police and CPI OpenFox logos

Recently, CPI added a new web service interface to the OpenFox Message Switch for the Kentucky State Police (KSP). The new interface enhanced the Boat Queries into the Kentucky Automated Vehicle Information System (KAVIS).

The 1st focus of the project was to add functionality to run boat title check query (QB) transactions against NCIC and the 2nd was to add functionality for KSP to query boat registration data in KAVIS by running boat query (BQ) transactions.

Instead of running a nightly batch process of the previous day’s record file, the new Boat Title Check modification enables real-time checks against NCIC data. CPI added a web service listener on the KSP switch to accept QB (Query Boat) transactions in NCIC XML format. The system now validates the QB transactions before sending them to NCIC and the newly configured synchronous connection to the existing KAVIS web service returns NCIC responses back to KAVIS while also returning a synchronous receipt to KAVIS that includes the Master Reference ID (MRI), date, and time of receipt for audit purposes.

The second part of the project enables KSP to query for boat registrations (BQ) and receive a response (BR) directly from KAVIS.