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CPI Deploys OpenFox Soft Tokens in Kentucky

Keeping with CJIS compliance, CPI has implemented OpenFox® Soft Tokens v1.0 for Kentucky State Police (KSP). CPI enhanced the existing OpenFox advanced authentication method to work with CPI-generated Google Authenticator soft tokens. CPI modified the OpenFox Message Switching System to enable soft token functionality. CPI generated the initial quantity of soft token credentials as specified and imported them into the token database on the KSP OpenFox Message Switch. 
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Kentucky State Police Deploys OpenFox Desktop 4.0

CPI recently cut to production our ninth deployment of Desktop 4.0 to the OpenFox System for the Kentucky State Police (KSP). Desktop 4.0 is the latest version of the GUI (graphic user interface), or what the clients use to access the various OpenFox Products. Internally called “Desktop Decaffeinated” Desktop 4.0 allows the user to run…

CPI and KSP Migrate from AIX to Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Computer Project of Illinois, Inc. (CPI) and The Kentucky State Police (KSP) has successfully migrated its current OpenFox® Message Switch and ancillary Databases from the current AIX environment to Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) environment. CPI migrated all existing OpenFox® functionality in the current AIX server environment to the new Linux/RHEL environment. CPI spearheaded the…

CPI Adds New Web Service Interface for Boat Queries in KY

Recently, CPI added a new web service interface to the OpenFox Message Switch for the Kentucky State Police (KSP). The new interface enhanced the Boat Queries into the Kentucky Automated Vehicle Information System (KAVIS). The 1st focus of the project was to add functionality to run boat title check query (QB) transactions against NCIC and…