CPI and ISP update the OPENFOX CCH, SOR applications

CPI and the Idaho State Police (ISP) recently completed the work and placed into production, modifications to the OpenFox Computerized Criminal History (CCH) application to process Sex Offender Registration (SOR) type of transactions (TOT). The TOT transactions which submit SOR fingerprints to the CCH are initiated by the ISP Automated Biometric Identification System (ABIS) system.

In order to process the new SOR fingerprints coming in from ABIS, CPI made the following changes:

  • CPI created a list class station to hold all stations that require notification as part of the SOR Unit, called the SOR Unit list station.
  • Upon receipt of the SOR fingerprint, the CCH system sends an AM message to the SOR Unit list station, which includes the offender name, DOB and ORI.
  • If the CCH system cannot find an exact match by name and DOB in SOR, then CCH sends an AM message to the SOR Unit list station, indicating that no match was found.
  • Added a SOR flag field to the Arrest Screen and database. The new SOR flag field is modifiable such that an authorized user may manually modify the contents of the field if desired.
  • When receiving SOR fingerprint messages from ABIS, the CCH automatically updates the new SOR flag with a “Y” (Yes) to denote that a SOR fingerprint was processed.
  • Updated the Rap sheet to exclude SOR fingerprint data based on TOT = SOR.

Additionally, CPI updated the OpenFox CCH to process FBI responses received. CCH sends the FBI#/UCN# to the SOR database to update the FBI field automatically for the corresponding record with matching SID#. CPI provided a one-time CSV file of all SOR records without an FBI# on file. The file included the offender name, DOB and KNO# of all SOR records excluding deceased and inquiry statuses.