CPI and RIAG implement new automation for Protection Orders

CPI and the Rhode Island Attorney General (RIAG) Bureau of Criminal Investigations (BCI) recently placed into production programming changes to automate the handling of Restraining Order No Contact Order (RONCO) records from manual entry to electronic submission. To accomplish this automation, CPI performed the following:

-Publish a SOAP web service to:

  • Accept Permanent RONCO’s from the courts, and transfer to the Rhode Island OpenFox Criminal History Application (CHA)
  • Forward Temporary RONCO’s to courts
  • Accept a Closed RONCO from the courts, and transfer it to the OpenFox CHA
  • Electronically notify originating PD or Sheriff’s office when a RONCO is closed
  • Encryption using TLS

-Add RONCO enter functionality and form to Rhode Island State Police OpenFox Messenger stations.

-Add new station class to OpenFox® Message Switch

-Update TP/OP special to support the new station class

-Process final legacy data in RONCO temporary file on the day of implementation

The success of this automation enables faster entries of Restraining orders and No-contact orders while simultaneously checking for quality and accuracy of the orders.