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Rhode Island Enhances OpenFox CCH Notifications

CPI modified the Rhode Island Attorney General (RIAG) Computerized Criminal History (CCH) Application functionality including enhancements to enable mapping of RI State statutes to NCIC equivalent offense codes on Nlets Criminal Record (CR) and Full Record (FR) responses utilizing Nlets Law Enforcement Notification System (LENS).
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Rhode Island AG Adds Violent Offender Notifications

CPI OpenFox has enhanced the Rhode Island Attorney General (RIAG) Query Wanted (QW) transactions and NCIC Query (QH) transactions to their current OpenFox Criminal History Application (CHA) to notify a configured group when a query result is flagged as a Violent Offender.
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CPI and RIAG implement new automation for Protection Orders

CPI and the Rhode Island Attorney General (RIAG) Bureau of Criminal Investigations (BCI) recently placed into production programming changes to automate the handling of Restraining Order No Contact Order (RONCO) records from manual entry to electronic submission. To accomplish this automation, CPI performed the following: -Publish a SOAP web service to: Accept Permanent RONCO’s from…

CPI adds transaction spawning to RIAG CCH query

Recently, CPI added an enhanced search feature to the Rhode Island Attorney General (RIAG) CCH query. When a CCH query returns a “no-hit”, The RIAG OpenFox Message Switch now automatically spawns a search of the Rhode Island SOR and Warrant Hotfile. The spawned query is by name and date-of-birth. Any hits from the SOR or…