CPI and Texas deploy the OpenFox Messenger Statewide!

Texas DPS banner with CPI OpenFox logo

Since 2005, the Texas Department of Public Safety (TxDPS) has used the
OpenFox Message Switch for their Texas Law Enforcement
Telecommunications System (TLETS) message switch. Recently CPI and
TxDPS deployed the OpenFox Messenger statewide as the official
TLETS/NCIC workstation software product for the state of Texas. This is
CPI’s largest deployment of Messenger with over 9,000 terminals and more than 150,000 active end users.
The OpenFox Messenger is now the exclusive State/NCIC workstation product for 23 states and 6 federal agencies – more than all competing products COMBINED! Coupled with the recent release of DeskTop 4.0, the
OpenFox Messenger continues to be the preeminent State/NCIC workstation product available today.
The TxDPS TLETS upgrade project also included an upgrade to
Configurator version 7.04, implementation of a Password Reset Web Portal
and deployment and integration with the Peak Performance nexTEST
CPI welcomes the TLETS end-users to the OpenFox Family.

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