CPI and VSP Install New DMV Web Service

front view of the Virginia state capitol building

CPI and Virginia State Police (VSP) in conjunction with the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) have installed a web service for vehicle-related transactions to exchange existing message formats between the OpenFox Message Switch and the new DMV data server via a new communication protocol.

CPI configured the following OpenFox components:

  • A new asynchronous bi-directional RESTful (Representational State Transfer) web service interface to communicate with the DMV using the existing text format
  • A new file route, a new station class, and associated new station(s) to support the new web service 
  • Code changes to the VCIN Switch to support the headers, trailers, and message formats 
  • Code changes to retain the image processing logic currently used in Class 3270 image processing
  • A full list of vehicle-related MKE’s was updated & tested.
  • All necessary transaction message formats have been updated

This project successfully configured the new web service, file route, station class, and associated stations to process vehicle-related transactions with the new DMV data server.