MSP and CPI add new Web Service to the OpenFox

the Michigan state capitol building at night

CPI and MSP utilized the OpenFox Message Switch to implement a new interface via web services for Drivers transactions to exchange data between the Michigan Department of State (MDOS) and the OpenFox®️ Message Switch. 

The primary objective of this project was to replace the legacy drivers text interface between MDOS and the Law Enforcement Information Network (LEIN) OpenFox Message Switch with a web service interface that transmits data using the Nlets National Information Exchange Model (NIEM) standardized format. 

CPI configured the following OpenFox components:

  • Configured the existing MDOS web service client with additional stations “threads” to communicate with a new MDOS endpoint.
  • Modified various configurations and transaction processing rules for specific Message Keys (MKEs) to begin processing in NIEM XML.
  • Added additional vehicle driver history MKEs and transactional processing codes to the OpenFox Message Switch.
  • Configured new in-state presentation stylesheets
  • Configured routing rules to deliver transaction payloads from MDOS to Nlets.
  • Created a new file route, and new station(s) to support the driver’s web service interface
  • Made code changes to the OpenFox Message Switch to support the new headers, trailers, and message formats
  • CPI configured the MDOS web service and transactions to allow LEIN users to retrieve Michigan Drivers Image Retrieval System (MiDRS) driver ‘hardcard’ information from MDOS.

CPI utilized the existing SOAP synchronous web service client currently configured in the LEIN Message Switch. CPI expanded functionality to allow the web service to begin processing Drivers transactions beyond processing vehicle transactions between MDOS and LEIN already in production.