CPI Creates New Vehicle Web Service for Alabama Law Enforcement Agency

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Computer Projects of Illinois, Inc. (CPI) and Alabama Law Enforcement Agency (ALEA) created a new Web Service for vehicle and boat-related transactions to exchange data between ALEA and the Alabama Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

CPI updated the ALEA web service client interface associated with Boat and Vehicle transactions. The following steps were executed to successfully complete the project.

Boats Web Service:

  • Modify the existing MVR web service
  • Updated BO AND BR message keys
  • OpenFox Message Switch code and stylesheet modifications

Vehicle Web Service:

  • Updated the MVR web service
  • Updated RO, RT, RNO, RR, RTR, and RNR message keys
  • OpenFox Message Switch code and stylesheet modifications


The OpenFox® Message Switch supports all law enforcement devices across the enterprise, interfacing with the national systems such as Nlets and NCIC, as well as in-state information sources to seamlessly provide secure access to these interfaces regardless of the access requirements, message formats, and protocols. The OpenFox® Message Switch provides message transformations for legacy text interfaces and XML interfaces utilizing the AAMVA standards, Nlets XML, or other forms of GJXDM/NIEM as well as the ability to easily add support for additional protocols to make them operate in a standard manner.

The OpenFox® System also provides communications connectors that support legacy protocols, such as TN3270 or TN3270E and others for communicating with mainframes, Nlets TCP/IP for communicating with Nlets, NCIC TCP/IP for communicating with NCIC 2000 and literally dozens of specialized application to application TCP/IP protocols. All of these communications connectors are available for new installations.

ABOUT CPI: https://www.openfox.com