CPI & Oracle Reach Java Binary License and Redistribution agreement

Computer Projects of Illinois, Inc. (CPI) is pleased to announce its Java Binary License and Redistribution agreement with Oracle. Users with the OpenFox® Desktop version 3 and earlier require that the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) be installed on their local machine in order to launch Desktop through Java Web Start (JWS). As you may already know, Oracle has stopped providing JAVA SE 8 updates to critical bug and security fixes for commercial use without an Oracle Java SE subscription. Additionally, post-Java SE 8, JWS will no longer be supported by Oracle.

In addition to CPI’s dependable maintenance, the Java Binary License and Redistribution agreement allow our end-users to obtain critical bug and security fixes. End-users will have access to download the JRE updates through the OpenFox Desktop application with this new enhancement.

To request the update, please contact the CPI Support Center. The Support Center will open an enhancement request ticket. You may contact the Support Center via email at support@openfox.com or by phone at 866-471-6305.

To learn more about prerequisites, maintenance hours, and procedures, please download the Impact Statement.



About Desktop 4.0 – Desktop 4.0 is the latest version of the GUI (graphic user interface), or what the clients use to access the various OpenFox Products. Internally called “Desktop Decaffeinated” Desktop 4.0 allows the user to run the OpenFox® Desktop on a local PC without having Java installed. All the industry-leading features of the OpenFox® Desktop remain while Desktop 4.0 eliminates the Java-version conflicts that sometimes arise when running multiple Java applications.

Desktop 4.0 operates like any other Windows application. In addition to 24x7x365 support from the CPI Support Center, our developers continually update Desktop 4.0 software as necessary for new requirements and mandates.

Modules running under DeskTop 4.0 include the OpenFox Messenger, the OpenFox CHA (Criminal History Application) Client, The OpenFox SOR (Sex Offender Registry) Client, the OpenFox Archive Client, the OpenFox Validations, and the OpenFox Configurator Client. Please contact us for more details.

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